One Day At A Time

Ask away (:   "I believe in the life-giving power of story, in the beauty of vulnerability, and in the strength that is found in weakness."
this is my story.

2 years…

it marks the beginning of.. i don’t know.. on this day 2 years ago..i realized that i could not control any part of my life..

it’s been a crazy two years.. that no post on tumblr could even sum up.. i could never explain the ups.. and i definitely could not explain the downs.

thinking about the numbers..just shocks me.. even though i lived it..

in two years:

  • i’ve moved twice
  • attended three different high schools
  • in three different states
  • i’ve gone to four funerals
  • and two weddings
  • i’ve lost three best friends
  • but gained another
  • i went on my first mission trip
  • my brothers went off to college
  • i helped my best friend through a dark depression
  • i’ve struggled with self-harm
  • i lost faith and hope..and ran from God
  • i came back to God
  • i started to learn how to stand up for myself
  • and i’ve learned many life lessons..

but i guess… days like these.. make me miss where i was.. and what it would be like.. but that’s all a ‘what if’ because i’m where i’m supposed to be…

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